A community infused with imagination is the difference between a community that thrives and one that survives.  Art is the expression of our imaginations transformed into a form of emotional power that touches the soul.  When people become involved with the design, creation, and stewardship of places, the feeling of respect and responsibility bonds them to the place and each other.  Within Harmonia, we honor Art is a form healing, inspiration, gratitude, and celebration, infusing every project with love and beauty to enhance both learning and life.

Harmonia offers a creative space and art education.  We embrace artistic expressions in all forms, inviting guests to leave their mark through art.  We envision Harmonia as a juxtaposition of paint, clay, fabric, music, movement, and words set in an existing natural work of art. We want give people the freedom to release the artist in their soul.  The Creative Center will be stocked with paint, papers, yarns, fabrics, natural ephemera, glass, clay, inks, beads, pencils and papers.  Everyone is welcome to experiment and play.

Earth Art (Land Art) uses the natural landscape to create site-specific structures, art forms, and sculptures that offers a way to interact, creating a relationship between the artist and the earth. Environmental Art or Earthworks, is primarily a sculptural creative work that integrates physical or conceptual elements of the landscape into the finished piece. Materials for Earthworks are from nature, nature, such as stones, water, wood, gravel, and soil.  We invite you to make art from the forest and turn the first into a work of art.

The garden is also an art form.

In case you need some inspiration, check out these ideas.