Time Passages

What happened? Seven years ago, the vision for Harmonia came to me in the middle of a ceremony in the forest. Soon it will finally become reality.

I wanted to document every last experience, from the search for the land to the design of the courses. It’s all in my head, but something always got in the way of the writing.

Perhaps it is for the best, as so much has changed since I first set out on this path. Even the past few months have involved a huge shift in how this will manifest. And it will manifest, even though I still feel a bit anxious. Putting all of my faith in the universe has not been easy. Perhaps not publicly writing about it was for the best. Maybe it would have put undue pressure on me to have done something different along the way. Patience is not one of my virtues, but each time I have rushed into this project, there was always a message to wait. Confia con amor. Trust with love. This is my journey. I am still here and grateful for the delays that have shown me that Harmonia is more than a dream.


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