Our goal is to create an affordable educational program to students around the world.    The people who need these courses the most are often the ones who cannot afford it.  We will have reduced rates for  Central Americans as well as scholarships for Nicaraguans, but it still requires resources to cover the costs.

We appreciate any donations – cash, materials, services or even positive word of mouth.

Locally, we appreciate materials like scrap wood for signs and trail markers or tile scraps for mosaic projects.   For those moving on, we appreciate any donations of kitchen equipment, mosquito netting, rubber boots or odds and ends too big for a suitcase.  For those who love thrift store shopping, we are appreciative of things like silk scarves to be made into curtains or votive candle holders for the accommodations.

If you are traveling to Nicaragua, heirloom vegetable or cosmos and zinnia seeds are wonderful gifts (technically illegal to import without a license, but there are ways around that).

We are creating a community, so almost any donated article can be received and put to use.

If you would like to make a cash donation, please contact us and we will provide information to receive  until our PayPal issue has been resolved.  Unfortunately, there are sanctions on the country at the moment, making transfers of money more complicated.  Money wired to the escrow accounts of our lawyers and real estate agent avoids any issues with the IRS or the Nicaraguan authorities who might consider cash donations as potential drug money.

We are also looking for potential co-founders who have the option of building on the land in exchange for their donation.

Thank you for thinking of us.

ancient forest