FOX TALES: Adventures with Fox Kits

fox kits one week old

Fox kits – one week old

March 9, 2019

I am taking in five baby foxes cared for by Zia from Rancho Chilamate. They are too young for raw meat, so they are not ready to released into the wild yet. In a week for so, they will need a source of fresh mice and rats and other rodents placed in an enclosed area so they can learn to hunt. Because Zia has to leave soon, I will have to teach them to hunt before releasing them into the wild at Harmonia.

My plan is to build a little den with two small holes/indentations in the ground to hold the food and water dishes (to prevent spillage), which I will stock twice a day. The place I chose for their temporary home is 1 kilometer from the road (and the neighbors chickens) at the base of a mountain. There is a nice stream another 30 minutes of hiking from the initial spot. I cannot walk back and forth an hour each way each day, so they will be near the sweat lodge site at Harmonia and then I want to put hem deep into the forest when they have learned to hunt.

My animal rescue skills are limited to kittens. I am way out of my league here. There are not many options and I want to establish a rescue center at Harmonia one day and I have time now (sort of), so this is the first attempt. Any experiential advice is greatly appreciated.

fox at the vet office  fox getting rabies vaccination

March 11, 2019

Fifty kilometers in a car full of crazy fox kits on the loose.  What have I done?

First introductions with the cats went better than expected.  For the most part, the cats seem annoyed by their squeaks and raspy barks and howls, and more annoyed that the foxes are looking for a momma with nipples.

They are adorable.  And way too small to be released any time soon!

March 12, 2019

Good morning, baby foxes!

 fox kit

I could not find the foxes at first. Then on a hunch I opened the hood and found 5 baby foxes sleeping on the motor. My 4Runner is a fox den, probably appropriate since they all escaped when driving them home yesterday. Now I have to secure them in a separate location and do a head count before leaving. They also like the space above my spare tire.

moto fox

The foxes are confused by the big nipples on the neighbor’s male dog, Scruff, confusing him with their mother.

March 14, 2019

Selfie with a fox!

selfie with fox

March 15, 2019

Morning playtime with Scruff (neighbor’s dog who thinks he is my dog) and the baby foxes.

53750264_2261599430749219_4916142308576985088_n 54519775_2261599467415882_2204654786605744128_n-2
March 20, 2019

Momma’s little helper!

March 24, 2019

Crazy like a fox. Sly as a fox. Clever as a fox. Quick as a fox. I never truly comprehended the similes until five baby foxes came to live with me. They are all that and more. I spend hours watching them play, letting them play on me and shower me with baby fox kisses. I am madly in love. I have tossed any idea of work or productivity for the time being. They are the focus of my attention, good and bad.

Last week, two escaped to San Juan del Sur in the spare tire, making a 30-mile pilgrimage to the Pali parking lot where l noticed one crawling out of the wheel well as I returned to my car. I checked three times and somehow two (including the runt) managed to sneak back to the car before I left Cardenas. Thank goodness I found them before heading to the Black Monkey at Playa Remanso, a rough, steep journey that requires 4×4 part of the year.

As I lay under the car writhing on the ground in my little sundress, my flailing legs exposing my fluorescent orange underwear to the world as I maneuvered around wheel well, I was keenly aware that no one even noticed me. I moved to the other side and looked around the parking lot for help. Every single person in the parking lot was staring at a cell phone. Unflippingbelievable.

About fifteen minutes passed before I caught the first scared little fox. A man finally approached me and asked if I needed help changing my tire. I held up the baby fox and said I need help catching the other trapped under my car. He looked at the tiny critter in my hands and immediately walked away.

The restaurant was packed. I had to leave the foxes unattended in the car for three hours. Turns out fox poop is the smelliest mammal excrement in the world and leaving a package of frozen chicken drumsticks in the vehicle with two baby foxes may result in mayhem. Just saying. It was a long ride home with the windows partially open.

The night became about baby foxes rather than a nice evening enjoying the company of my friends and savoring one of Robert’s delectable meals. It is inevitable. I have taken monkeys, kittens and now foxes into assorted businesses when they were in the bottle stage and it always caused quite a stir, 95% positive aside from the time Maya the baby Congo monkey was being a brat at Henry’s Iguana Bar.

A few days later, there was another fox road trip, this time with the smallest female.  I had to go to Sapoa to drop off a cell phone.  The gate was locked, so I parked my car by the highway, leaving the back window open a foot to avoid returning to a hot car.  When I returned fifteen minutes later, a woman who had been standing on the other side of the road approached me.  “A kitten jumped out of your car!” she said.

I started looking underneath the wheel well. I had  checked everything before leaving the house.

“No,” continued the woman. “It jumped out the window and ran into the grass.”

I looked behind the car and saw a little fox hiding in the grass 15 feet from me.  I made clicking and kissing noises with my mouth.  “Come here, baby fox!” I pleased.  Five minutes later, she was in my arms, panting from the March heat.  Of course I had forgotten to bring a water bottle with me.  I drove along the 8 kilometer line of trucks backed up along the highway looking for a pulpería.  The fox on my lap was panting harder as I tried to assure her that I would have water soon.  Several minutes later, I wedged my car between two two semis , grabbed the fox in one hand, purse in the other and crossed the highway.

“I need a bottle of water right away!”

The woman behind the counter stared at the baby fox.  “Da le!” I prodded.  She handed me a bottle of water.

“I need a dish.  She is scared and thirsty.”

The woman seemed curious.  She ripped apart a Styrofoam cup and made a little saucer, but Juanita wouldn’t drink.  I took her back to the car, turned on the AC and put the makeshift water dish next to her on my lap.  She drank.  A lot.  I hope she doesn’t pee in the car.  Please don’t pee in the car.

Next stop was the frontera (border crossing withCosta Rica) to use the only ATM in the area.  I couldn’t leave her in the car, so I held onto her.  My plan was to put her in my oversized purse as I passed through the border to the ATM machine (why there isn’t one outside is unknown), but the woman from Claro intervened.

“Un Zorrito! Que preciosa!  Que linda!”

I explained what happened.  “You can’t take her through the gate, but I will hold her while you  go to the bank, ” she kindly offered.  I dropped off the baby fox, got some cash and returned to see the baby fox surrounded by a throng of adoring fans and offers for free fox sitting services anytime I wanted to take her to the border.
fox at the frontera

Rather than more road trips, the plan is to release the foxes in the forest at Harmonia.  That is still the plan, but it is more complicated because they were rescued at a week old and raised by humans for the past six weeks.   Kits stay with their mom between 4-7 months. I am their new mama. They know my voice (and Shelley’s) and (usually) come when I call them. They use my body as a jungle gym, crawling and jumping over me, play wrestling with my arms and burying their little noses in my hair. They shower me with pure love.

Originally, I interpreted weaning time as the same as leaving the den time. Not so, which has complicated their care.

I was not sure what to name the littlest fox, so naturally I went straight to the internet, typing ‘names for baby foxes’, then ‘indigenous names for fox’ in search engines, but nothing seemed appropriate. Next I checked ‘new age baby names”. Turns out Fox is ranked 767th for boys’ names and, although trendy for the past decade, is now surpassed by ‘Bear’ (#587) and ‘Colt’ (#214). ‘Fish’ peaked at #8,684 (2016), but ranked #19,607 in 2018, thank God. Shark, definitely a cooler name, peaked at #12,865 (2015), but dropped to #17,495 in 2017. Let that sink in. People a.) named their sons ‘Fish’, and b.) thought ‘Fish’ was better than ‘Shark’.

 Dolphin ranked #13,749 in 2016. Whale ranked #19,612 in 2018.

I suspect ‘Jaguar’ (#4,922, up from #14,649 the previous year) will be the next hipster boy’s name. ‘Jag’ sounds ruggedly trendy, but Jag is not the name for the little guy. Next was a browse through ‘Native American baby names’, but every word was fifteen syllables or a misnomer save for maybe Wilu, which means ‘chicken hawk squawking’, one of the 40 sounds a fox can make when competing for food.

I like ‘Hopi’, but Hopi means “behaving one, one who is mannered, civilized, peaceable, polite, and who adheres to the Hopi way.” Scratch that one. Well-mannered is not a fox trait. Did I mention the poo? Not gonna disrespect the Hopis with that name.

According to the baby name sites, rock legends are the next trend.

Hendrix is the most popular at #318 (2018), moving up from #972 (2011), followed by Santana #787, Bowie #1,031, Nirvana #1,674 (which is probably half hippie name/half trendy grunge name), and Joplin #2,730. Cobain, Notorious and Tupac all tied for #5,093. Yes, I question the BabyCenter stats as well as anyone who would name a child after a depressed heroin addict who committed suicide.

Lennon is consistently in the 600-700 range, while Beck hovers in the 1200s.

Not all celebrity musicians are hip. Jagger went from #643 (2011) to #953 (2018). Elvis went from #904 in 2011 to #1,922 in 2019. Also trending down is Kanye, who went from #3,194 (2011) to #7,751 (2018), although he is trending at #5,093 at the moment. His MAGA stance/nervous breakdown may have been responsible for the dip, but it appears that everyone has forgotten the scandals. Biggie peaked at #7,810 (2010), now trending at #9,837. Bono peaked in 2009 (#5,722) and now ranks #17,647 in popularity for boys’ names.

For those looking for a unique name for a kid or a baby fox, Zeppelin, Springsteen, Clapton, Zappa, and Eminem are not listed in the registry. There is also not a Lynyrd, Skynyrd, or even Freebird. How could Southern hippies overlook Freebird? Freedom (#5,561 in 2018) peaked in 1974 (#2,627), but took a huge hit in 1984 under Reagan (#9,770).

Einstein is trending up – #7,751 in 2018, but is not as popular as Tesla (#1,674 in 2019).

The most surprising name on the list is Messiah – #145 in 2019, up from #632 in 2011.

I looked into some astrological terms. Pluto as a boys name is more popular than Neptune for a girl. Jupiter is more popular than Neptune or Pluto, but Venus and Mars rank above Jupiter. Saturn ranks in the #17,000s (rightly so), but surprisingly Earth is ranks #19,607.

In the end, I like Huxley. I was afraid that it might be too fashionable (#698 in 2018), but it is now trending down to #1,037. Evidently no one wanted to name their baby Orwell, as it does not appear in the rankings. How did Fish, Cobain and Kanye make the list, and yet Orwell doesn’t even get even a #453,972 ranking? Everyone quotes Orwell. How can he not be hip enough for the hipsters?


March 26, 2019

7 a.m. Five baby foxes, three baby Howler monkeys and five adults, one cat, two dogs, fifty white Garzas (egrets) and one grateful human. Buenos días!


April 1, 2019

Morning playtime.


April 3, 2019

Sufi in the wheelbarrow with the fox kits.  (Sorry this was filmed in portrait mode.)

April 8, 2019

The foxes cannot get enough of Scruff.

Or Sufi.

April 19, 2019

Woke up at 4. Moon still visible as the sky began to shift from night to day. Made coffee. Went to the beach before the sun appeared with 2 dogs, 3 cats and 3 foxes all having a grand time chasing and playing with each other, and knocking my precious coffee over as seen in the video. Pure joy. #goodmorning #graciasgranespiritu

blurry foxes
A blur of foxes.


April 24, 2019

Hide and Seek.

57674123_2286179984957830_9152245291078909952_n 58380775_2286180011624494_5824853819569209344_n 57674242_2286180031624492_3165858558960992256_n

May 6, 2019

Last night I saw a largish animal walking between the lake and the house. A fox ran after it, but the dogs and cats didn’t move. I thought it was a possum; instead, it was the largest porcupine I have ever seen! I scooped up the fox and made my way back to the house. A week ago I removed 10 quills from Scarlett and 14 quills from Scruff’s nose, mouth and lip. I guess they learned their lesson.

Three weeks ago Sufi was either sprayed by a skunk or sat in grass covered with skunk elixir. Knowing Sufi, she probably walked up to the skunk and rubbed her body against him, her form of saying hello to almost every animal and human she encounters. First time, she was kneading my pillow with her head under my neck. I assumed a skunk sprayed outside my bedroom window, which happens about every few weeks. Second time, she turned around and got her butt way too close to my face.

The fox cuteness continues. My neighbors have two puppies (Scarlett and Scruff, who is also Scarlett’s father), about 8 weeks old. The foxes and puppies are BFFs. Today I heard horrible yelping and howls coming from their house. Huxley was outside. He stopped, listened to the howls, and then ran over to their house to check on his dog cousins. He sat and watched, waiting in the yard while the puppies continued to inform the world of their abuse as they suffered through their flea baths.

We have horses grazing in front of the houses now. I have not seen the foxes even acknowledge the horses

When I go away for the night, the foxes sleep under my neighbors’ house across from their chicken coup. I know: we are all prepared for the inevitable. What I really want is for the foxes to befriend the chickens because I will become a YouTube millionaire with that video! But it probably won’y happen that way, and if they did become friends, I would never have the opportunity to film it. Such easy money if I could make it work!

I am not sure where they go at night, but at least one sleeps with Scruff, either at his home or my front door. Last night, I got up about 2 a.m. and almost stepped on a fox that was sleeping alongside Scruff.

Mi vida.

May 7, 2019

Sufi and a fox playing in a tree on the beach.

May 12, 2019

My first Mother’s Day gift!  A beautiful bracelet from Cara Krott.


May 27, 2019

More kisses from Zeppelin! #morningsnuggles #lovemybabyfoxes


May 28, 2019

I woke up in time for a fabulous sunrise. By the time I got to the beach, the colors had fsded. It didn’t matter because the animals provided the entertainment. The morning crew consisted of three foxes, one cat, one dog, and three vultures. At one point Sufi was sitting in the center of three vultures, a bit less than a meter from each. At first it looked like she would chase them away like the dog. Instead, she walked over and sat next to them as if it was as natural as sitting next to a fox on the beach.

The foxes take up a lot of time, money and energy, but they have been such a blessing in my life. And a huge distraction, but that is ok for now because they are so adorable.

Yesterday at sunset, there were 5 foxes, 5 cats, 3 dogs, 3 horses and a cow. And a thousand croaking frogs. The horses were sitting on the grass. Isabelle, my one eyed cat due to a dog, was sitting so close to a horse that they were almost touching. She has never done that. She is not a big fan of other species. The sky was colorful, the grass brilliant green and animals playing with each other nob-stop. Right out of a Disney movie.


June 2, 2019

Juanita and Scruff. She adores him!

Sufi and Juanita playing on the beach this morning. The dogs dig the holes and the cat and fox battle for possession

June 10, 2019

This afternoon’s trip to the beach was cut short by an armadillo. This is one of the videos. Two foxes, a dog, a cat, and friendly armadillo.

When I first started the video, we were almost to the beach. I saw something digging and assumed it was a turtle. Nope! I was trying to film the foxes and the armadillo crawled right over my bare foot!

June 13, 2019

The day I have been dreading is here. It is time for the foxes to be relocated into the forest.

For the past two nights, one of the foxes had been “playing” with my neighbors’ hens. Twice they have had the necks of the chickens in their tiny mouths. They were not aggressive as in trying to kill, but they were playing hard. Had my neighbors not intervened, I am not sure what would have become of the chickens, though I am leaning heavily on the mealtime concept. Ugh.

It’s what they do, I know. It is such a happy place here and I am sad that I have to move them into the forest, but it’s time.

The plan is to start with Dolly Parton and Jimmy Hendrix, the two alphas responsible for the chicken incidents. Juanita, Huxley and Zeppelin were with me when it happened, so I know it had to be the other two. Dolly and Hendrix often go a day or two without meals from Cafe de Kelly, yet they continue to grow at a faster rate than the three who are addicted to kibble and playing with my cats. Obviously their natural instincts have kicked in and they can feed and care for themselves. Dolly is cuddly when I see her, but Hendrix seems to understand that my species is not fox-friendly. I can pet him, but he bolts when I try to pick him up.

Juanita/Janice Joplin, on the other hand, loves to snuggle and likes to sleep under my bed, especially when I am sleeping, too. Sometimes when I get up in the morning, she crawls out from under the bed, ready for breakfast with the cats. She is not ready to leave the coop.

We hope that by moving Dolly and Jimmy to Harmonia, we can still keep things harmonious with the neighbors, who love the foxes, and their chickens. Sufi, Rumi and Sucio love to play with foxes, too. When the foxes don’t show up at beach time, the cats are constantly on the lookout for them.

Huxley and Zeppelin both have healed over scars from something that attacked them almost two months ago. It looks like a bird tried to scoop them up or attack when they were young or a chicken put them in their place. They seem tp have zero interest in birds aside from watching Linda and Scruff chase away the herons and vultures during our morning beach walk.

It has been 4 nights since I last saw all 5 together at the same time. I wanted it to continue. I wanted at least one more morning or dusk at the beach. It is not going to be easy to catch them. The best I can hope for is that next tine they show up for food, I will lock the alphas in the adjacent apartment (windows closed) until I can bring them to Harmonia. The workers are have cleared several acres of weeds in the past few days, so they should be fine. Still, I worry. I am going to try to bring them to the ojo de agua (spring), which is on the side of the mountain two kilometers from the road and the nearest chickens. I would not be surprised if they found their way back, as they will be downwind from the lake and can probably smell me and the dogs.

It has to happen, I just wish it wasn’t so soon.

June 20, 2021

I prayed to have one more night on the beach with the foxes playing in the moonlight.  The moon wasn’t up yet, but there was still enough light that I could watch their gray bodes and black striped tails race across the sand with Sufi and Sucio (the cats) and three dogs.  I savored the moment, remaining at the beach after the foxes disappeared into the night.  As I turned to walk back to the house, I felt like this would be the last time that I ever saw them all together.  I hope this isn’t so.

June 22, 2021

My heart aches.  Juanita was struck by a vehicle this morning.  At first I wasn’t sure, thinking that maybe it was Dolly, but at supper time, it was obvious that it was Juanita.  Dolly is larger than Huxley; Juanita is smaller.

I was not home last night.  I was at an ayahuasca ceremony.  I asked about foxes and the message was that they are living a joyous life.  As soon as I put them into the forest without a support system, they will lose this joie de vivre as they sensitize themselves to the jungle elements.  They will leave when it is time.

When I left the house, I had this urgent sense that I needed to stay to avoid creating a sequence of events that would lead to something negative with the foxes.  I told myself that I was imagining things< finding an excuse to avoid a ceremony.  I don’t know if I have ever attended a ceremony without at least a moment of hesitation, so I chalked it up to that.  It’s hard not to thin that had I been home, she would have hung out at me with dinner and not been in that particular spot at that moment in time.  There his almost no traffic on the road at 5:30 a.m.  A car, truck and motorcycle or two in half an hour, if that.

The strangest part was how I found her.  I returned home in the afternoon and my neighbor, Alva Luz, came over to tell me the news.  She said that her worker saw it right after it happened.  There was blood on the pavers and  body was very close to the road.  He knew that I had foxes, so he mentioned it my neighbor.  They went back to look for it, but the body was gone.  They figured it must have been another animal or vultures.

Alva Luz wanted to show me where it happened, so I followed her to the road.  Just before we got the gate, Linda (the German Shepherd mix), bolted to the side of the driveway.  The body of the fox was on the grass.

“Who put this here?” I asked Alva Luz, but she had no idea.  There was a knick on the back leg and a few blood stains around the mouth, but no other blood and it hadn’t rained yet today.  Her face appeared like a dog with a big tongue had licked her face.  She had another wet mark over the middle of her spine, as if she had been carried by the excess skin on her back.  I am sure it was Linda.  Juanita adored her.  Linda liked to chase her around the beach.  Sometimes Juanita would chase her back.  She was part of the morning beach walk and Linda would have been the only dog that would have been so far away from the house.  Alva Luz agreed that it had to have been Linda.  Tears rolled down my face from this display of love and concern between species.

I brought the fox back to the house in a carbonated box and showed her body to Huxley, Zeppelin and Dolly, as well as the cats.  The foxes prodded her with a paw, sniffed around and then ran off.  Huxley came back again to check on her, but scooted off.  I have no idea what their level of understanding is or if I did the right thing in that, perhaps triggering something from their mom’s death, even though their eyes were still closed at that time.

This morning I drew the “Transformation” card from the Vision Quest Tarot.  Death.  Not physical death, but the dying to be reborn.  Except this time it was actually a physical death and my role as a fox momma has been transformed into something new, though not necessarily better.  I had imagined Juanita chasing butterflies with Sufi and Rumi in the flowers that still have a few more weeks before bursting with blooms and following me around Harmonia one day.  So much for manifesting my vision.  What does that mean for Harmonia?

June 23, 2019

Juanita is buried under the same tree as Callie Cat, Little Gray Cat, and the ashes of Vanderbilt, Midnight, Roxy ad Jethro – my first two cats as an adult and my sister’s Rottweilers respectively.  And one day my mom’s ashes when the garden is constructed.

Three years ago Callie Cat (21 1/2 years) died in my arms at Harmonia.  I knew she was dying and didn’t want leave her at home when I went to Harmonia that day, so I took her with me, stopping at El Gato Negro first.  I left her on teh patio.,  When I heard her cough, I knew it was time.  I held her in my arms and walked to the lake, putting my feet into the water.  I pointed her at the volcanoes and asked the fire to bless her, them the water.  I touched her body to the sand and then held her in my arms as the wind kissed her last breathe.

I decided to bury her under the carao tree near the site of the future garden and temple. As I was rushing back to the grave site after grabbing something from my car, I tripped over a freshly cut tree stump and landed on another small stick that almost pierced my jugular vein.  I stood up and saw movement in the grass two feet from my feet.  It was beautiful snake,  I would not let the workers kill it as I watched it slither away.  Turns out it was a Bushmaster, which is an extremely rare sighting, but I didn’t know that at the time.

The snake represented life cycles and creative change.  I went back to the site two days later and mediated for 6 hours.  During that time, the vision for Harmonia solidified into a visual.  It was one of the most profound days of my life.  I planted a rose on Callie’s grave.  It is still growing 3 years later, despite teh lack of care and water during the dry season.

In a few days I will return to the site and make a proper altar for Juanita.  For now, I am trying to assimilate all of the lessons froths experience.

I returned to the house, depressed at the thought of never going to the beach with Juanita again.  I called out for the remaining foxes.  Within a minute, Dolly appeared.  I asked her if she wanted to go to the beach and she ran after me and the dogs and the cats.  Dolly is a bit more reticent than Juanita, but she chased the cats and the dogs chased her for a good 15 minutes. When I got back to the house, Dolly jumped up on my leg, just like Juanita would.  After eating, she ran under the bed and slept for an hour, just like Juanita.

This is so hard.


June 27, 2019

Breakfast and dinner time in my household is something right out of a sitcom.

Two nights ago, I was sitting in a chair, surfing the internet. I looked up and saw Zeppelin’s head buried in purse (like a raccoon!) and a 100 Cordoba note on the floor (about $3.10). Thank goodness he didn’t steal my wallet, cedula or cash and that I saw him before he could.

Last Thursday night/Friday morning I woke when Huxley and Juanita (🙁 ) were fighting over my car keys. Huxley growled at me when I tried to take them back and I was scolding him like a bad child at 3 in the morning. (“Stop stealing my stuff! Drop the car keys! You are a fox and this is unacceptable behavior!” “Bad fox!” “You are a bad, bad fox!”.

Huxley has tried to steal an almost full bottle of vegetable oil twice (I caught him dragging it out the door). And sponges…they steal every single sponge, new, clean or dirty. And bottle caps. And lighters. And medicinal greens (which almost led to their early release in the woods). And my socks. And my bras. My $90 MacBook charger and my cell phone charger are barely recognizable. They have stolen three loaves of French bread, 4 croissants , an empanada, and a bag of cookies. They have left the house with two empty bottles of vegetable oil, one empty because they knocked it off the counter and then stole the cap as well. And eggs…I put fresh cracked eggs in a. bowl, but they would rather jump on the table and steal them from the carton and then run through the house with the whole egg, cracking it open in my bedroom, bathroom, corner of the living room…. At least they stopped sleeping on the motor of my car and inside the spare tire. And if I leave dirty laundry on the floor, someone pees on it! (Not sure which one peed on my pillows, which was also another early release threat).

July 7, 2020

The foxes will be released about an hour walk from El Collado soon. (South of San Juan del Sur, to the East of El Coco/Playa Yanqui, about 8-10 kilometers from their birth place.) No time to post details at the moment, but in the meantime I need to borrow a 3-4 soft dog/cat carriers with a straps, as it will be a long hike. I cannot participate, as they could follow my scent back to Collado. Not sure of the release date, but I will be in SJDS on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week if anyone can lend me a carrier.

This is a good thing and I am grateful for the professional help offered by wildlife rehab biologists. The location will ensure that they will meet other foxes and can live in the environment best suited for them. Thank you for any help you can offer in locating kennels/carriers.

This is a good thing, sad as I am that my role in their lives will soon come to a close. Longer post about it tomorrow.


July 8, 2019

And so it begins, the moment I have dreaded and anticipated in the same breathe. One of the foxes got a chicken and another attacked a pet bird (wings not clipped). The bird is okay, missing a couple feathers. The chicken not so okay.

Dolly and Zeppelin are secured. I am waiting for Jimmy and Huxley to appear. Please send good vibes that they both show up soon so I can arrange their transfer in the morning.

Randomly I ran into Tim from Vital Actions last week at Casa del Cafe in Rivas. He offered to help me repatriate the foxes into the wild. We were planning for next week, but this is a fox emergency. They are no longer safe here, nor are avians.

Tim runs an incredible NGO that has helped to dramatically increase the turtle population among many other projects. I met him the week before at the animal spay and neuter clinic in San Jun del Sur while waiting to pick up a neighbor’s ca


t. He immediately stepped in when I messaged him, and now I will hopefully be returning all 4 to San Juan del Sur tomorrow for the transfer.

Please consider helping his organization by sharing this page with others.

July 9, 2019

Four years to the day that I signed for the land.  Our first wildlife release (although not at Harmonia).

July 12, 2019

It has been 83 hours since I last saw the foxes. 83  painfully sad hours, wondering how they are doing.  I will never know that answer.  I wonder if they miss me as much as I miss them.  I try to let go because they are wild animals and the longer they stayed with me, the harder it would be for them to integrate.  I hope that they have figured out the jungle and have fond a good source of food.  I hope they have run into other foxes or at least they have stuck together and protect each other.  It’s so hard not knowing.  It’s not like a large animal sanctuary where it is easy to track the movements of animals returned to the wild.

I cannot look at the photos or video from their last night and morning with me without crying.

Walks on the beach have lost their luster.  Sufi misses them.  She sits on the sand and waits for them to appear, her eyes darting everywhere.  She has no idea that they have been relocated.

I still expect to see them.  I sit on my couch, tying away and then hear a noise and look up, expecting see one staring at me from the front door.  I don’t know how it is possible to not have these feelings, which makes the idea of future animal rescues that much more difficult.  They had a happy life with me.  Whatever happens, at least hey had that.

They have spent three nights in the jungle.  Tonight will be their fourth.  I hope they have acclimated and that their fear has turned to joy.  Damn, this is hard.