We cannot heal the Earth until we heal ourselves, and as we heal ourselves, we heal the Earth.

There is a cure for every disease within Nature.  At Harmonia, we want to create a holistic lifestyle through natural medicine, sustainable diet, nutrition, exercise, adequate rest, healing arts, and emotional and spiritual wellness.   

Food is medicine that maintains health and prevents and treats disease.  Harmonia is a vegetarian community serving locally sourced produce.  We take care to serve healthy, nutritionally balanced food with a big serving of love, sharing meals together in a relaxing atmosphere.  Our dairy is sourced locally, straight from the cow without plastic packaging.  Our cheese is made locally, too.  (Cardenas and Colon are big cattle communities.)  We will serve primarily vegan fare, with several raw and gluten-free options.  We will do our best to provide organic produce until our vegetable gardens are productive.

We offer many ways to move through nature: mountain biking, hiking, dance, yoga, silks, Tai Chi, swimming, and (eventually) kayaking.  Aside from the obvious physical benefits, exercise improves mental clarity and reduces anxiety and depression.

We will have a Natural Medicine Center open to the public providing homeopathic and naturopathic services, acupuncture, chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy and massage, sound healing, body detoxes and nutritional counseling.

Natural Medicine classes and extended workshops are a key component of the Harmonia curriculum.  Topics will include preparing tinctures, aromatherapy, health remedies, breathe work, nutrition, body chemistry, Ayurvedic medicine, flower remedies, essential oils, herbalism, detoxification,  massage, Kinesiology, pain management, reflexology, Reiki, mushroom therapy, sports medicine, spirituality in healing, growing medicinal plants, and emergency First Aid.  In addition, we will hold regular Natural Living workshops to include soap making, natural beauty treatments, homemade sunscreens, and green cleaning agents.