Ecological and human resilience are intricately intertwined, yet modern society has forgotten this.  Many indigenous ancestral prophecies predicted our present time of upheaval; our world is on a precipice of extinction.  More than ever, we need a global shift of consciousness.  These ancient teachings, refereed to as “Original Instructions” or “Earth’s Original Law” by indigenous communities around the world, can lead us back into alignment with all that truly matters, living from the heart of humanity within the heart of nature.  This is in our DNA.
When a baby turtle hatches from her shell, she knows everything she will ever need to live for the rest of her natural life.  She immediately crawls in the direction of the water and will return to this location years later to lay her eggs.  She knows how to swim, when to come up for air, what to eat, how to hunt and how to protect herself.  She is in perfect alignment with her environment. 

We were all born with the knowledge of how to live in harmony with our natural world, but modern society has disconnected us from these truths.  Harmonia was created to share ancient, ancestral teachings to heal our collective trauma and reconnect with spiritual source, inspiring us to become true stewards of the Earth.
Many indigenous cultures have held and protected the Original Instructions from the Creator, the sacred knowledge of living in harmony with our world.  The Aboriginal tribes in Australia have said their purpose is to sustain the transmission of this living wisdom to the rest of the human family, until the time for the remembering and reconnection is called for, as it is now.

Our Ancient Ancestors Ambassador Program brings elders, shamans, teachers and tribal leaders from around the world to join us for one- to six-week residencies, creating deep roots for spiritual and social change by fusing traditional indigenous teachings with the foundational laws of the universe through storytelling, talking circles, community fires, song, art, planting, building, ceremonies, rituals, and celebrations.  Eighty percent of the world’s remaining biodiversity is on the territories of indigenous peoples, and most of them have a clear understanding of their natural environment and what needs to be done to protect it.  Our collective survival is inextricably linked to the wisdom of the ancient peoples and their survival is dependent upon us taking an active role protecting their populations and preserving their wisdom.

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