“Kanyini is best expressed in English as the combination of the two words ‘responsibility’ and ‘love’, but it is actually a relationship; it is an enormous caring with no limit – it has no timeframe: it is eternal.” – Uncle Bob Randall

Kanyini is the heart of Aboriginal culture and society and the heart of Harmonia.  Kanyini is an enormous caring with no limit –  it is eternal.  Our purpose is to live with unconditional, unlimited love. It is a deep sense of connectedness and relatedness with the whole ‘family of life’ based upon four dimensions:

– A sense of belonging to home and land.

Walytja – Family connecting with life.

Kurunpa – Love, psyche, spirit or soul.

Tjukurrpa – Creation period, or also called the Dreamtime, and the right way to live.

The Aboriginals believe that there are two energy lines that exist through the universe.  One is spiritual and the other is physical.  Together they are the energetic consciousness of life.  Kanyini is represented by two snakes moving in opposite directions and as they connect, they help each other to the next level of consciousness.

The Aboriginal people have always understood that their purpose was to sustain the transmission of their living wisdom to the rest of the human family until the time for the remembering and reconnection was called for, which is now.   At the same time, the Aboriginal community has suffered from the ills of modern society. We can help each other to remember the ancient wisdom and put it into practice in modern society.

Kanyini-Energy-Lines    kanyini-diagram

For more information on this subject, please go to https://kanyini.org

Kanyini Documentary from Reverb Film on Vimeo.