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Ancient wisdom for the modern world.


Harmonia will serve as a bilingual, ecological educational center and positive example of a dynamic, permaculture-based community that inspires and supports people in creating sustainable lifestyles by providing learning opportunities to encourage natural, cooperative, and joyous ways of living in harmony with each other and the Earth.


Land is essential to survival, and is there for access to land to live upon should be as free as the air to breath or the rainwater from the skies. Land to live upon is a birthright.

With the right to live upon the land free comes the duty of ‘responsible stewardship’, where the land is taken care of so that the land is at least as abundant for future generations as it is now. The responsibility is also owed to all plant and animal life, which also need a place to live in perpetuity.

Humans are part of nature and nature will take care of humans by living in harmony with nature. By using natural energy cycles to our advantage, there is more benefit than by attempting to dominate nature or live separate to it.

Each person is responsible for their own choices.

We encourage people to think for them selves and not take any information as truth without their own thoughts, feelings and considerations, regardless of of the source of information.

Respect all living things.

Everyone has value.

Believe the best-case scenario is possible.


Create a sustainable working farm, educational center and community.

Design educational programs that promote organic farming, natural building, alternative energy, homesteading, natural medicine, traditional arts and crafts, nutrition, beekeeping and survival skills.

Build a mushroom and medicinal herb export operation as a source of revenue to fund Harmonia’s operations.

Design a professional mountain bike course to be used in the Central American race circuit and create our own races and athletic competitions.

Build a world class encyclopedia trail to provide information on the local flora, fauna, sciences, history and indigenous cultures.

Create and operate a holistic medicine center.

Provide hands-on experiences and opportunities for exploration that allow people of diverse backgrounds to discover the connection among all living and non-living things and to develop appreciation and respect for the interconnectedness of the life force.

Provide a peaceful, natural setting for hiking, horse back, mountain biking, art, photography, bird watching, yoga, swimming, SUP and kiteboarding, and other recreational activities in keeping with the Harmonia mission.

Manage all aspects of the Harmonia in an environmentally sensitive manner and with full understanding of the impacts of our actions.

Encourage full community participation in all aspects of the operation.

Make Harmonia a fully transparent, working model for an education center and economically and environmentally sustainable community.

Become and established ecological destination in Central America.