The terrain of Harmonia is perfect for mountain biking.  Our goal is to build a professional mountain bike course used for the Central American circuit, with all levels of expertise.  However, there are no chair lifts.  If you want to ride down the mountains, you have to ride your bike up first!  There are plenty of hiking and horseback trails for those who desire a less strenuous activity.

We will offer yoga classes will be offered minimum once a day, with other forms of active meditations, ecstatic dance and movement classes offered as various practitioners pass through the village.

The year-round warm water lake is great for swimming, canoeing, kayaking, SUP, and kiteboarding.

We will also develop a circus acrobat program incorporating acro yoga, silks, and capoeira with tight rope and trapeze acts.  We envision a monthly cirque du soleil-style event for participants to share their prowess in the jungle canopy.

mountain biking in Nicaragua
Scene from the 2nd annual Howler Mountain Bike Race in San Juan del Sur.