At Harmonia, we are passionate about preserving the environment and creating a sustainable future. Our work is never-ending, and we need your help to fund some of our ongoing projects.


We plan to build an open structure with a clay tile roof, rock floor, and decorative paint near the beginning of the trail into the forest. This 25’x15′ space will have solar lighting, tables and chairs for 16 people, and beautiful landscaping. It will serve as a rest stop and planting station for workers, and a place for visitors to enjoy nature’s beauty while relaxing. This project will cost $3,500.

Public Water Station

We plan to divert run-off from our siphon water system, sourced from a forest spring, to benefit the public. This is a free potable water station that will be built along the fenceline of the lakeside portion of Harmonia. The majority of wells nearby are contaminated from years of cattle farming, and this water station will provide safe and clean water to the public. Due to the increased security issues as a public water station, we need a locked metal gate and more posts to limit trespassers. With your help, we can ensure that everyone has access to clean and safe drinking water. This project will cost $2,700.

Nature Chill Space

We also need amenities for groups that visit us for tours. We plan to purchase 40 high-grade plastic Adirondack-style chairs, six large, portable plastic tables, and ten additional hammocks to supplement the six we have at the moment. We also would like eight yoga mats for guests. The chairs we have now have lasted for a decade outside, 365 days a year in full sun and rain, and we expect the new ones to do the same. This project will cost $2,000.

Waterfall Lounging Platform

Harmonia is home to a lovely 24-foot waterfall deep in the woods where few humans have ever ventured. Unfortunately, a 40-plus carbon tree now rests along the edge of the waterfall. But, with your help, we plan to cut this tree into planks and build a platform over a jagged group of rocks about 5 feet above the water. This platform will be 12’x7′, with stairs along the rocks. There is a deep pool upstream of the waterfall that is the source of water inside Harmonia, and we will use the extra wood to create a bridge over the filter, allowing easier passage for workers and guests. Finally, we will build three new trails that connect through the area, giving larger forest animals more access to the property and sources of water. With your help, we can make this hidden gem accessible to more people while preserving its natural beauty. This project will cost $1,000 and requires five workers and a professional chainsaw operator with the right saw.

Citrus Grove

Our Citrus Grove project will contribute to the sustainability of our organization. We plan to eventually plant 12 acres of agriculture, but will start with five citrus groves (500 trees n total) throughout the property. This project will cost approximately $20,000, which includes labor, clearing, planting, organic fertilizer, road building, swails, and irrigation. With your help, we can ensure that the groves are properly maintained and provide a source of revenue for our organization

Lakeside Restoration

In 2022, Lake Cociobolca experienced a significant rise in water levels due to heavy rains, causing extensive damage to our gardens and orchards. Over 50 coconut, citrus, and exotic fruit trees were lost, along with hundreds of flowering plants, shrubs, and ornamental trees. The high waters and intense wave action also altered the shoreline, creating a giant lagoon instead of a gentle serpentine stream. The erosion has extended to our neighbors’ fenceline, and there is a forecast of another strong rainy season in 2023, which poses a significant threat to our property.

Our priority is to prevent further beach erosion, which is essential to stabilize the area before we begin replanting. We plan to plant psittacorums along the beach and water passages, as they are a small species of Heliconia that is ideal for erosion control. Psittacorums have creeping rhizomes, making them effective at stopping erosion, and they can also tolerate drought, remaining green and flowering during the dry season. We need about 125 psittacorums and 100 other rhizome-producing plants, as well as two dump trucks of rock for water run-off. This project is labor-intensive, particularly the rock work, and is expected to cost around $2,500.

In addition to stopping further erosion, we need to replace the lost fruit trees and flower gardens, which is estimated to cost approximately $1,000. Restoring the lakeside gardens and orchards is a crucial step in maintaining our property and preventing further damage from future storms.

Thank you for considering supporting our projects. Your contribution will help us continue to preserve the environment and create a more beautiful and vibrant future for Nicaragua..