The Red Road is mindful living within the Creator’s instructions as exemplified by the seven sacred virtues, living in the present moment connected to all that surrounds us.  It is attending to our four sides, taking care of and respecting ourselves and the Creator.  The Red Road is gratitude, to be thankful for what we have and taking only what we need.  It is giving back to the community that supports us.  Red Road wisdom is attained through a life of truth, humbleness, respect, friendship, gratitude, generosity and honor.

At Harmonia, we are guided by the Seven Sacred Virtues of the Lakota, which are the same foundations of many spiritual practices around the world.

Wóčhekiya – Prayer

Wičákha – Honesty

Wahwala – Humility

Waúnšila – Compassion

Waóhola – Respect

Wawokiye – Generosity

Wóksape – Wisdom

For some, the Red Road is path of medicine, sun dance, sweat lodges, purifications, and learning the  teachings and traditions of Native Americans.  For others, the Red Road is a healing modality, often undertaken after living a life out of balance.  Within Harmonia, it is a daily path of self-discovery and a tool for living harmoniously in community that will include sweat lodges, music and dance, meditation and ceremony.

Only you can walk your journey, but many are on the road.