(a.k.a Jungle Boot Camp)

permaculture apprenticeship program


Dare to change the world.

“There is nothing quixotic or romantic in wanting to change the world. It is possible. It is the age-old vocation of all humanity. I can’t think of a better life than one dedicated to passion, to dreams, to the stubbornness that defies chaos and disillusionment.”  ―Gioconda Belli. The Country under My Skin

We invite you on a learning safari in our beautiful jungle forest to explore, experiment, and experience hands-on the principles of homesteading, permaculture, and eco-village development as an apprentice in the construction of Harmonia.  This is your chance to learn all facets of eco-village development and the freedom to share your vision and gifts in the co-creation of Harmonia.

The internship program has three components: Construction/Energy/Infrastructure; Agriculture/Landscape/Water Management; and Art/Design/Culture.  Apprentices will select a primary core, focusing half of the time on the core and the remaining time in conjunct with the other two disciplines.

Participants are welcome to attend all talks and workshops, regardless of their core interest.  No one is locked into a core.  The program is designed to help people discover their interests and develop their talents.

Each week we will offer classes from the future Harmonia curricula, including plant and tree identification, beekeeping, natural medicine, emergency first aid and survival techniques, shamanism, animal tracking, geology, composting, cooking with a solar oven, food dehydration, dowsing for water, companion planting, astronomy, etc.  Classes will be coordinated with on-going projects for maximum participation.  We will offer Spanish classes and tutorials in the afternoon two days a week for those who want to work on their language skills.

During the first three months, participants will collaborate in the design, siting, construction and landscaping of the accommodations.  As the casitas and dorms are constructed, participants will have the satisfaction of living in accommodations they have built by hand.  What would have better if done differently?  What features work the best?  Living in the casitas through the wind, heat and rain allows one to  witness first-hand good and bad of the designs and construction. (We can always fix it!) The is the wisdom behind the knowledge.

Our program addresses learning on a holistic level, starting with the mental wellness of the students.  The 9 Pillars of Mental Wellness are: proper sleep, gut health, purpose, silent reflection, community and connection, play and movement, discomfort and adversity, boundaries, and lifelong learning.  The remote location allows participants to reset their internal clocks and adjust to the natural circadian rhythms.  We have about 13 hours of sunlight a day year-round.  We spend almost a third of our life sleeping, so we will put extra love into the accommodations, creating a sacred space with comfortable mattresses, pillows and sheets and many little artistic touches to honor the space where we rest and dream. 

We have made sure that weekends are free and that classes end at lunch on Friday.  We encourage all apprentices to be hands-on.  That said, we have a full Nicaraguan staff – engineers, architects, builders and masonry.  You are not expected to spend all day working, but we hope that you will be so excited by your contribution to Harmonia that is does not feel like work, only love, joy, pride, and gratitude. 

We are seeking apprentices for one year and two month commitments.   Ideally, we would like 50 one-year residents from around the world to experience community by creating and building it by hand.  Maybe you will want to stay and build a home or maybe you feel called to regenerate your community and the land you call home.  We want to provide a deep connection to nature to every person who steps on this land.  We value personal freedom and creativity while working together as a community. We want help you discover the tools to create a thriving community in harmony with nature.  This is a very special opportunity.  We hope you join us in manifesting this vision.


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