The Community Kitchen will serve vegetarian meals three times a day during the high season, twice daily in the low season.  Each meal will have raw, gluten-free, and dairy-free options.  There will be a community omnivore grill located near the lake available for use of all residents and guests.  A small kitchen with a gas stove and refrigerator will be available for guests wishing to prepare their own food.

The Dining Hall will be located near the kitchen and will consist of tables and chairs as well as low tables and vinyl cushions for those wishing to sit on the floor.  The initial capacity is estimated to be 100 people, but the site will be designed to double the space in the future without requiring a tear down of the initial structure.  The structure will be a Spanish tile rancho on wood posts without walls, surrounded by herb gardens and fruit and nut trees.

The Bohemian Grove Cafe is a vegetarian*/smoothie/raw cacao alcohol-free* bar serving wood-fired pizzas on Friday and Saturday nights.  (*Locally procured ham and sausage will be available as pizza toppings and guests may bring their own wine or bottled beer to the cafe on pizza night.)

All fruits and vegetables served will eventually come from our gardens.  For the first year or two of operation, though, we will have to purchase from local vendors.  Everything grown on Harmonia will be organic, but until then, it is safe to assume there are trace amounts of fertilizers in the local crops.