We have an inherent desire for wholeness.  Our bodies are beautiful temples to be treated with love, respect and discipline.  However, our modern world has left many of us out of balance emotionally, physically and spiritually.  We are disconnected from humanity, from our friends and family, and from our natural world.  Despite the beauty, majesty, joy and abundance that life has to offer, sooner or later we all experience the tragic quality of life, whether it is losing a job, illness, the death of a loved one or simply not living up to the expectations of “success” as dictated by cultural programming.  Alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling, shopping, video games, pornography, television, emotional dramas, and/or dangerous physical activities become a way to fill the void, a temporary reprieve from inner loneliness.

Our Transformation Center is not a traditional addiction/counseling program.  We use Holistic Addiction Therapy to harmonize the mind, body and spirit utilizing Osho meditation therapy, indigenous healing modalities from all corners of the Earth, art therapy, biofeedback, and a body detoxification program.   Daily yoga and mediations are available to everyone.  Sweat lodges and ceremonies will be incorporated into community life at Harmonia and available to all guests. The nature reserve allows visitors to connect with nature in silence, solitude and gratitude.  All meals prepared in the kitchen will be vegetarian and healthy.

The beautiful, natural environment and extraordinary learning and fitness opportunities create an uplifting, whole body-whole mind experience as opposed to an accusatory, intervention-style forced recovery.